Falk Zeh - About Me

About Me

With years of experience as a data engineer, I specialize in building and maintaining robust data pipelines, data modeling, and process automation. My expertise includes working with a variety of tools and technologies such as Airflow, Prefect, dbt, Snowflake, and AWS services.

I have a proven track record of deploying scalable cloud infrastructure, ensuring data accuracy and reliability, and developing custom data solutions that meet the unique needs of my clients. My hands-on experience with data visualization tools like Tableau and Jupyter Notebooks helps businesses uncover insights and drive informed decision-making.

My approach is centered around understanding your business challenges and providing tailored solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. Let's connect on LinkedIn to see how I can help you achieve your goals.

Services I Provide

Data Pipeline Development

Building robust data pipelines for ETL/ELT processes to ensure data is clean, reliable, and available for analysis. Expertise in batch and real-time data processing using tools like Airflow and Prefect.

Data Modeling & Database Design

Creating efficient data models and designing databases that optimize query performance and support business intelligence needs. Experienced with Snowflake, SQL, and NoSQL databases and dbt.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Analyzing data to uncover insights and trends that inform business decisions. Creating interactive dashboards and reports using Tableau, Jupyter Notebooks, and other visualization tools.

Cloud Infrastructure Design & Deployment

Design, implementation, and management of scalable cloud infrastructure using AWS services, Docker, CloudFormation, and Terraform.

Custom Software Development

Developing custom software solutions tailored to specific business needs, including web applications, APIs, and microservices.